Official merchandise from Jaguar TCS Racing. A considered collection capturing the spirit of Formula E success.


Design is in Jaguar’s DNA. It’s this that has driven us to look beyond the road. Creating collections of lifestyle apparel and accessories that showcase our design credentials.

Every piece has an element of Jaguar woven into it. Giving enthusiasts a chance to take home a piece of our story. All created with a design language that is distinctly Jaguar, and quintessentially British.

“At Jaguar, British design is at the heart of what we do and we take inspiration from a variety of industries, from architecture to fashion, films and even music.  British design is expressive, forward-thinking and very much about challenging the status quo and we’re inspired by that character and energy.”

At Jaguar, every one of our creations is constantly refined, from the drawing board to the production line. Each one made with superior materials and crafted with skill. Created by the same team that design our cars, these collections capture the very essence of what Jaguar represents. A brand that redefines refinement.